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Check out Rolen’s new railway solution: #Contactless buttons to reduce the risk of #infection by touch.
It’s already present in Rolen’s new products with different appliances and automatic functions:
– Doors (open, close and lock)
– Toilet flush
– Water faucet
– Soap dispenser
– Dryer
With total control of flow and time, standard connection and materials for the railway sector. Totaly contactless to prevent the spread of covid in a safe and hygenic way.

In summary, with the motivation of setting up safe spaces, Rolen developed #contactless solutions, which are currently in the market.

Avoiding manual contact, they allow #automatic functions such as closing and opening doors; toilet flush activation and also, its integration to sinks to provide soap, water and air hand dryer.
Everything just with the proximity to the surface, in a #safe and #hygienic way.

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