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CORONAVIRUS: How the air quality of your office can affect your health and decision making.

Firstly, Raefer Wallis (expert in interior air quality), recommends a right ventilation with steady CO2 levels on a BBC article.

In fact, unsteady levels can affect radically on our thought process and decision making.

Further, a good ventilation is NOT enough. We have to take account of:

  • the cleanliness of the filters
  • the office’s congestion
  • and the possible transmissions throuh the conducts and airflow

Consequently, Rolen presents: Rolen Purifica, to protect you and those around you. Helping you improve the air quality of your homes, office, gyms, medical centers, care homes and more!

Enven, through its triple action of hepa filterinh, photocatalysis and UVC light: kills uo to 99,9% of virus, fungi and bacteria continuously and safely for everyone.

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